10 reasons why a winter pregnancy is great

It’s not a resolution per-say but lately I’ve been trying to see the positive in an otherwise negative situation. Like winter. It really has been going on for too long, wouldn’t you agree? So today I thought it would be fun to share 10 reasons why it’s great to be pregnant in the winter.

  1. If you haven’t announced your pregnancy yet, sweaters are the best way to conceal a bump!
  2. Everyone is hibernating anyway, so you don’t even need an excuse as to why you’re being particularly anti-social.
  3. One word: leggings.
  4. The extra weight your’re gaining serves two purposes: helping your growing baby and keeping you warm!
  5. You can replace your nightly glass of wine with a nightly cup of hot cocoa.
  6. All of the best food holidays happen in the winter: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fat Tuesday, and Valentine’s Day!
  7. If you’re a working mama your maternity leave should fall during the spring or summer!
  8. Did I already say leggings?
  9. All of the snow and ice should prevent your ankles from swelling and if not Uggs are a totally acceptable choice to hide them.
  10. You have a new years resolution that you’ll have to stick to – have a baby!

P.S. Only 34 more days until Spring officially starts, my friends!

10 Reasons why a Winter Pregnancy is the Best