a color story

it’s not news that i’ve been posting a lot of photos on my instagram lately. as i continue to grow the blog i’ve been trying out different content and images, and with that comes photo editing! i personally feel like posting photos on instagram is a lot of pressure. you want your photo to be visually appealing and if you’re looking to grow a following like i’m doing now, you want your photos to look consistent. most of the photos that you see on the blog are taken and edited by ken but he obviously can’t {and wouldn’t want to} take every photo that i post, so i need all the help i can get to create polished, bright images. a color story is my new photo editing secret weapon.

i’ve followed a beautiful mess for years. i always look to them for fun diy ideas and decorating inspiration. they also have great resources if you’re looking to start a blog {like someone i know}. a couple weeks ago they released their second photography app, a color story. it’s definitely unlike any photo editing app i’ve used. it’s so easy, even for a complete novice like me. it’s also super effective. it seems {so far} that i’ve found the perfect filter or effect for every image and use i can think of. it’s almost like it takes my photo and then just wipes it off, so everything appears brighter and more vibrant.

i’ve included some before and after images below. if you download the app, let me know what you think and which filters are your favorite. i find myself using everyday and lipstick from the essentials pack and tulip from the fresh pack the most!




  1. Thuy wrote:

    Love seeing the before and afters.


    Posted 2.11.16
    • liz braga wrote:

      thanks, thuy! they’re fun to make!

      Posted 2.11.16

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