a sunday well spent

ken and i had a little time to ourselves this weekend, so we enjoyed the luxury of a lazy sunday morning. if you have small children you will understand what i’m talking about when i say luxury. we woke up around 8am and headed downtown to the cutest coffee shop {across the street from the cutest wall!}. the red hook was bustling and the energy inside was as invigorating as the coffee.

i hope you noticed my favorite new accessory. my good friend alesya designed the houser wallet with basically every woman ever in mind. it would be easy for me to list countless things that i love about it, so i will! the color {saddle} is super versatile, which to me is important for a wallet. i can put it inside any bag or purse and feel confident that when i pull it out i look pulled together. the leather is super luxe. my cards glide in and out of the many slots and it’s not a struggle to open any of the pockets. i generally always feel rushed when i’m paying for something, so not having to fight my wallet is very much appreciated. but my very favorite feature is the phone pocket on the back of the wallet. i’m not sure if anyone else does this, but i find myself using my wallet as a clutch or carryall which is not what most wallets are intended for. being the genius that she is, alesya designed a wallet that functions as so much more! i can honestly say there’s not one thing missing from the houser wallet. a sunday well spent, indeed.

target jacket, club monaco sweater, kate spade jeans {on sale!}, dolce vita boots, alesya bags houser wallet

photos by all we are photography, photo of the red hook via


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