annabelle, 16 months

our sweet girl is 16 months old! here’s what’s new with her lately.

she is saying so many words. and my favorite part is that she will try to say anything. if we say, “annabelle, say {insert literally any word}” she will repeat that word back to you in her own language which typically only has the same number of syllables as the word you asked her to say. so ‘annabelle’ becomes ‘ba-ba-ba’ but she owns it.

more. she doesn’t say no. she doesn’t say yes. she says more. or sometimes done. but usually it’s an emphatic ‘more!’ in response to anything she likes. more eggs. more daddy tickles. read her a book one more time. and then again.

she’s been eating great lately. she absolutely loves fruits and vegetables and only turns her nose up at meat. handfuls of guac? sure. brocolli? more! {see above}. scrambled eggs? cannot. get. enough.

most mornings we’re awoken by annabelle saying ‘uh oh’ over and over again because she’s dropped her blanket out of her crib {on purpose}. and most mornings those words come sometime between 5:30 and 6:30am. send coffee.

she has been working on four molars for what seems like forever. the top two are almost in. the bottom two are just peeking through. send wine.

she is looking more like ken but she is obsessed with shoes, so i know she has a little of her mama in her. her favorite pair are navy blue mary janes from the gap that she’s quickly outgrowing so i’ve already been searching for a fun replacement pair {or three}.

p.s. annabelle last month

annabelle’s adorable dress is gap {on sale!}

photo by all we are photography


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