annabelle, 21 months

you guys, my baby is almost two. TWO! it’s funny because whenever someone asks annabelle how old she is and she says ‘one’ i think it sounds so weird. maybe because her first birthday seems like it was years ago but she definitely seems older than one! most days ken and i agree that she’s more like a teenager, sometimes in a good way and sometimes well you know…

here are some fun memories i want to remember about annabelle at 21 months.

  • she got a new book recently called ‘chuckling ducklings’ and she calls it ‘chicken nuggets’. she can basically say any words at this point so i don’t know if she actually thinks that’s what it’s called or she thinks the ducks on the cover look like chicken nuggets but it’s hilarious to hear her say it.
  • her other favorite book is the ben and jerry’s ice cream cookbook that we have for our ice cream maker. she is constantly asking us to read it to her.
  • she is terrified of the potty. we got her a little potty chair last month and she had a couple good days of going pee on the potty. then there was an incident where she didn’t make it to the potty fast enough after i took her diaper off and she’s been scarred ever since. every time we change her diaper she says, ‘no no sit potty.’ we’ve been trying to bribe her with watching a video while she sits there but she’s taking a pretty firm stance for the moment.
  • she still loves fruit more than any other sweet or dessert. she likes to pick the blueberries out of her ice cream and then feed the rest to ken.
  • she’s starting to have an opinion on what she wears. she loves hats, dresses and jewelry and when she sees herself in the mirror she’ll comment ‘annabelle so pretty!’
  • we try to take a little walk around our neighborhood every night. she usually refuses to sit in her stroller and announces ‘annabelle walking’ several times. she also stops to smell every flower {and weed} along the way, even if it means walking up several steps on some elses lawn.
  • the last few nights she’s taken about 30 minutes or more to fall asleep after we put her in her crib because she’s putting her baby ‘night night.’ she’ll sit up and cover her baby with her blanket over and over while saying ‘baby go night night, ok.’ i don’t know if this is normal but it’s been fun to sneak in and watch her being such a maternal little person.


p.s. annabelle last month


  1. Thuy wrote:

    lmao good luck with potty-training Annabelle. Interesting to know she’s becoming more opinionated about clothing. Can’t wait to see her turn two!

    Posted 7.20.16

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