annabelle, 22 months

two months until the big two! i’m not sure how i thought i’d feel at this point, knowing my baby is almost two. i think the last year {or 10 months} has gone by much faster than the first year. we’re not on autopilot by any means but for me having a baby that can talk to you and run around is way more fun than having a baby who doesn’t even smile yet. i love baby cuddles but you guys, my child is a blast. here’s what’s new with annabelle this month.

  • she’s starting to ask questions. this morning when juneau came in the house after being outside and i said her paws were wet annabelle asked “why?” and recently when i walk in her room in the morning she’ll ask, “where’s daddy?” thankfully she doesn’t poke further after we provide an answer but i’m sure that phase is coming.
  • she also likes to point things out by saying “look at this mommy!” she gets so excited. she’ll  flip to a page in a book, turn it around so we can see it and say “look at this mommy! look at this daddy!” it’s the best.
  • her favorite pajamas are the new bat girl pair ken got for her. as soon as she puts them on she’ll tell you “i’m bat girl” in the signature batman raspy voice that ken taught her.
  • she hates the potty but she is so ready to be potty trained. as soon as she wets her diaper she requests “mama change diaper. mama put new diaper on” until it’s changed. however she loves watching someone else use the potty and applauds when they’re done with an exciting “yay!”
  • she’s recently transitioned to the older toddler room at school and she’s having a rough time. she made a few good friends in her last room so it’s been hard for her not to see them as often. it’s adorable to think this little person who lives with us has friends.
  • yesterday at the dinner table she exclaimed “hallelujah” {for no reason} and threw her hands up in the air.

i don’t know how we got so lucky to be chosen as her parents but i’m sure glad we did!


p.s. annabelle last month




  1. Thuy wrote:

    That random HALLELUJAH killed me lmao. Good luck on the potty training. Seems she’s progressing in mindset just fine. And I can’t wait until she asks more questions lmao 🙂

    Posted 8.18.16

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