Gifts for Dad

Christmas gift ideas for your dad, brother, uncle, grandpa, father in law

Perhaps I’m speaking only for myself here but my dad is always one of the hardest people to buy for. He’s actually one of the easiest people to be around but when it comes to gifts he just doesn’t need or want anything. It’s infuriating and endearing all in one. So this gift guide goes out to dads everywhere, hopefully you find something just perfect for the dad in your life!

  1. A camo sherpa sweatshirt, so he can be cozy and stylish while blending in. I bought this for my dad! $65
  2. A monogramed whiskey set, practical and just the right amount of fancy. $105
  3. Water resistant slippers, perfect for walking to the couch or the mailbox. $49
  4. A memory foam pillow with over 10,000 5-star reviews that will make your mom instantly jealous. $64
  5. A wireless charging tray so that he always gets your texts. $175
  6. A travel neck pillow so that he can relax just about anywhere. $49
  7. cologne sampler so he can take his time picking his favorite, it includes a voucher for a full size bottle! $65
  8. An ancestry test to make your family bond even stronger. $68
  9. A bluetooth speaker that’s waterproof, dent proof, crack proof, and grandchildren proof too. $99
  10. A stainless steel tumbler that doesn’t sweat, just like him. $19
  11. A smokeless indoor grill so he can impress the family with his skills year round. $279