hey, friday!

guys, i’m feeling excited {and nervous, and scared, and all the feels} about the blog. my chief operating officer {ken} has been helping me focus and i’m looking forward to working on some big things. the first step is creating a mission statement {i sort of rolled my eyes too, but it’s a good idea!} and a more consistent content calendar. fun, right?! in the meantime, here are a few things.

do you snapchat? i used to think it was just for kids and inappropriate images that you didn’t want to text. but no! it’s fun for adults too. i love checking {and posting on} snapchat more than any other social media right now. if you’re up for it, follow me and see what all the fun is about, i’m lizqbraga.

club monaco has 30% off all sale items right now. i love that store but make it a point to only shop there during a sale. i have this and these in my cart.

a few people have asked how they can follow the blog. in addition to facebook, instagram, and bloglovin’, you can now sign up to receive a weekly email from me. check the side bar under the ‘about me’ section. first email sends next friday!

i’ve been ebaying again. i’m currently the highest bidder for this top and last week i bought these shoes at nordstrom but then found them for $30 cheaper on eBay. i’m not really an athleisure girl but i thought they were a fun {but sophisticated} pop of color.

don’t forget to enter the little poppy co. giveaway on my instagram. you’ll get three really cute bows if you win!

ken and i are mildly obsessed with matt nathanson and he’s performing on the bachelor special happening sunday. talk about a happy valentine’s day!

up next week: annabelle’s monthly update, a fun feature on my current favorite bag and we’re also starting a weekly advice “column.” if you have any questions {ask us anything!} send them to me at allweareblog@gmail.com or via the contact form. ken gives really good advice so you won’t want to miss this! otherwise i’m going to have to make some questions up. please don’t make me do that.




  1. Thuy wrote:

    Club Monaco is also one of those stores I like but only consider when they are on sale. Same with J. Crew, Anthropologie, and Ann Taylor – although Ann Taylor I can shop a little more often. I end up going for Banana Republic most often.

    I’m excited for you to join Snapchat. It’s definitely not just for kids. My boyfriend and I use it in a less pressured way to video chat compared to Facetiming. And it’s fun to take little 10 sec snapchats of your day for your friends to see. Sometimes pictures aren’t enough too.

    Added you on Snapchat btw 😉 I”m clearlythuydoan.


    Posted 2.12.16

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