holiday gift guide 2016 – for the guys

  1. a masculine candle to offset all of the flowers around the house ($19)
  2. the coolest bottle opener that also serves as a conversation starter at parties ($25)
  3. a tie he’ll love to wear on christmas day ($59)
  4. the most festive jammies that will keep him warm all winter ($69)
  5. a slim option for carrying his cards ($125)
  6. the gadget that both of you will love to have around the house ($300)
  7. a coat for date nights ($100)
  8. a casual pair of sneakers that will go with everything ($100)
  9. the most appropriate stocking suffer for surviving the holidays ($10)
  10. a pair of snow boots with a retro feel ($89)
  11. classy collar stays for his next business trip ($29)
  12. a set of skincare favorites because even he needs some pampering ($49)
  13. cozy slippers that are cool enough to wear to the mailbox ($100)
  14. socks featuring his favorite form of travel ($28)
  15. pajamas that will make him feel like don draper ($69)
  16. a classic flannel for all of your winter weekend adventures ($79)
  17. a cashmere sweater that will make you want to sit next to him in the booth ($49)
  18. a classic scarf because he needs an upgrade ($30)
  19. a fleece sweatshirt that he won’t want to take off ($80)
  20. leather gloves for doing guy things ($85)
  21. a new messenger bag for his camera ($98)


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