How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

how to create a capsule wardrobe

My style has certainly evolved over the years. I’ve always been a bit edgy and I love to take a risk every now and then but after turning thirty and having a child I’ve tried to streamline my look for multiple reasons.

It makes shopping easier.

If you have a consistent look, you’ll be able to identify stores or brands that you consistently go to. If you’re struggling to identify your style, look to celebrities or bloggers who’s style you like. Take note of what they wear and how they wear it so you can come up with common themes and inspiration.

You can minimize your wardrobe.

Once you feel comfortable with your style you can start to be honest with yourself about if you’re actually going to wear those gold glitter stilettos again {yes, duh}. By editing your wardrobe you’ll make it much easier on yourself to maintain your look and you’ll know what you actually need when you’re in the mood to shop.

It will be easier to get dressed.

You might think the opposite but not true. If you only have clothes in your closet that fit and that you like to wear, getting ready will be a breeze. It will actually feel like you have more options, because you’ll be excited about wearing what’s hanging in front of you.

Purging Your Closet

One of the biggest wardrobe changes I made while I was pregnant and after giving birth was purging my closet. I owe a lot of credit to Unfancy, a great resource if you’re thinking about trying a capsule wardrobe. As I went through my closet I found a lot of things that were in great condition but just didn’t feel like me anymore. Since I needed to buy new clothes {to accommodate a bump and whatever you call it after} I decided I couldn’t just donate everything {although I did donate a lot!}. Here are my three favorite resources for reselling clothes and other items from your wardrobe.


I think a lot of people are intimidated by eBay and I’m not sure why. As a seller I’ve only had good experiences and they make the selling process very easy. In my opinion eBay is great for high and low end items. I’ve sold everything from clothes to shoes, jewelry, even a coffee mug! Typically I’ll list the item in an auction and if it’s something that I think there will be a lot of interest in {like a Kate Spade handbag} and I’ll also include a buy it now option. A typical auction lasts 7 days, and you can set the starting price so you’re assured that if your item sells it won’t be for less than your bottom line. I almost always have the buyer pay for shipping to really reduce my costs and I stockpile boxes when I get packages in the mail so I don’t have to pay for shipping supplies. After your item sells, eBay emails you a shipping label to print and attach to the package. Ship it out and you’re all set. Selling on eBay can get addictive, so you’ve been warned.


Thredup is great if you’re lazy or just want everything out of your closet fast. After you sign up they send you a giant bag {that comes in a tiny envelope} and you can basically fill it with as many clothes as you can fit. You send it back {for free} and then a few weeks later they send you an email with the items they’re buying and how much they’re going to pay you. Before sending your bag you can select to have the items they don’t want shipped back to you {for a cost} or donated. I think you probably make about as much as you would at a local retail store {I’ve made about $25-$75 per bag} but the convenience factor is awesome.


I started shopping on Kidizen about a year ago when it launched but I only recently started selling too. The process is so easy for both buying and selling. The primary inventory is baby/children clothing and accessories but I’ve seen things like diaper bags, maternity clothes, sleep sacks, etc. posted for sale as well. Via the app you take a picture of the item you’re selling, specify the condition, and then set the price. All prices include shipping and tax, so the price you see listed is everything you’re going to pay. As a seller it’s very clear what you’ll make if your item sells. The app has a really easy interface for shopping and there are a ton of really cute, reasonably priced items to be found! Similar to eBay, when your item sells Kidizen collects payment from the buyer, deducts their fees/shipping costs and then sends you payment and a shipping label. Send the item out in a box or envelope you have laying around and you’re all set!

Hopefully you’ll find some of these tips helpful. If you have any questions, or anything to add to the list I’d love to hear!

A few of my favorite brands and wardrobe staples: sonnet james dress, blank nyc jacket, madewell sweater {similar}, dolce vita boots {similar}


  1. Lesley Nizza wrote:

    Love reading your blog Liz ! And super excited about those websites to look into! I currently have a “garage sale pile” and I HATE garage sales – the thought of putting one togethers a daunting!

    Posted 12.18.15
    • lizbraga wrote:

      thank you, lesley! you should totally try out thredup. just request a bag and you’re basically done!

      Posted 12.18.15

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