pregnancy update | 14 weeks

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had the most wonderful, magical holiday spent with the ones you love! We had the very best couple days celebrating with friends and family. As sad as I am that it seems to go by faster every year I’m so excited for what {and who!} the new year will bring for our family. Here’s a little update on my pregnancy this week.

How far along are you? 14 weeks, 2 days
So that makes your due date? June 24th!
How much weight have you gained? This morning I weighed 125, which is up 3-4 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight {for reference I’m 5’4″}.
Any cravings? I’ve mostly just been eating everything for the past few days with the intention of really cracking down and eating healthier starting January 1. I’m still pretty nauseous almost all day every day so my portions aren’t huge. I splurged and had a little shrimp cocktail on Christmas Eve and that tasted so good! Also, my aunt brought a chocolate fountain to my grandmas on Christmas and I dipped about 30 pieces of fruit into it. Give me all the cantaloupe!
What about symptoms? Like I said, I’m still really nauseous. I thought the vomiting had mostly subsided but on the morning of Christmas Eve when I was making Annabelle breakfast I totally puked in the kitchen sink. Other than that I feel mostly ok physically, I’m just still really tired. My cousin who is a physicians assistant said most first trimester symptoms should completely subside by 16 weeks so I’m definitely praying for that!
Will you find out the gender? Nope! We didn’t find out with Annabelle and we’re excited to be surprised again.
Do you have names picked out? Ugh, still not even close. I’d love for this babys name to start with a B so if you have any suggestions please share!
Are you wearing maternity clothes? I have a few things in rotation! Ken bought me these jeans for Christmas {all on his own!} and they’re amazing! I also recently purchased these leggings and tights and I think they’re exactly what I need to get me through the winter.
Any purchases for the baby yet? No, but we have been looking for cribs recently. Annabelle’s crib was taken apart and put together one too many times for Ken to feel comfortable using it for this baby so we’re going to be buying a new one. I like this one and this one but I’m going to need some more time to narrow it down.

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