how we stay active during the week

I talk about it all too often but when the weather gets nicer around here I feel like my days get infinitely more enjoyable. The days are longer, our moods are better, and we spend more time outside so we can soak in as much of it as possible.

Almost every night after dinner we take Annabelle outside to burn off some energy. Most often we’ll go for a walk around our neighborhood with Juneau but when the weather is particularly nice or if we have leftovers for dinner and have even more extra time in the evening we’ll go for a bike ride. Annabelle’s two favorite places to ride our bikes are to a nearby pond and the park. My favorite place is the ice cream shop. Who’s the adult here?

Especially with the weather getting warmer it’s really important to me that we stay hydrated. If I don’t have a water bottle with me throughout the day I’ll forget to drink enough – and no one likes to drink eight glasses of water before bed when you realize you’re behind your daily goal. I’ve even started drinking a glass of water before my first cup of coffee in the morning to set the tone for the day and encourage balance.

Is anyone else’s child obsessed with drinking out of the largest, most adult bottles possible? Even the look on her face says “there is no way this is going to end with my shirt dry but c’est la vie!”

I’m a total natural, don’t you think? 😉

We have really been loving our Simple Modern water bottles. Besides the fact that they come in all of the colors of the rainbow {I think there are seriously 20 to choose from – we picked orange and blue for the Detroit Tigers!}, they keep our drinks cold for so long. Annabelle is still getting the hang of the twist cap {she’s so close!} and I can’t wait to send her smaller bottle to school with her once she does. I bring mine to work with me and it’s still cold when I get home. Perfect to throw in our bike basket for our evening adventures!

Side note, these stairs are a serious workout!

What fun things do you like to do with your family during the week? I’d love to hear!

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