spring style


retro vibes

Last week a package showed up on my porch {which happens basically daily but stick with me here} that I wasn't expecting.

walking on sunshine

There are few things that are more important to a lady in her ninth month of pregnancy than comfortable footwear. Coincidentally, new moms are also quite tickled by cute shoes that are also sensible - I guess it's sort of like how not sleeping towards the end of pregnancy is supposed to prepare you for what's to come.

spring chic

Springtime in Michigan has this magical quality about it. Even though I've been feeling particularly heavy lately {literally, not really figuratively} the sunshine and breezy temperature has a way to instantly transform my mood.

white this way

There's just something so classic and simple about a white dress. It's always a chic look and in the case of this one since it's non-maternity it works for every stage of motherhood. Especially for that awkward postpartum phase when you don't want to wear anything too tight fitting. 

i’m feeling blue

I'm not actually feeling blue. To be honest, I'm feeling really happy and productive lately. Leave it to the third trimester of pregnancy to surprise you sometimes.

when outfit inspiration finds you

As much as I'd like to claim that my style is 100% unique it is most definitely not. For me, fashion inspiration comes from everywhere {the weather, my mood, sometimes even practicality} including the stores I shop at and the brands I love.

Where I shop


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