the laundress

no, that’s not my nickname {thankfully ken does a lot of our laundry}.

one thing that i wanted to do when i was downsizing my wardrobe was drastically reduce the amount of dry clean only clothes in my closet. obviously for special occasions it’s a given, but for things i wear often {like sweaters, dresses, pants, etc.} it just didn’t seem practical or cost effective. annabelle spit up a lot during her first six months of life and even after we transitioned to solid food the stains and messes did not end. i rarely am able to wear something twice, so i needed to figure out a way to still buy and wear nice clothes but not be running to the dry cleaner every week. the good news is a friend told me about the laundress and their line of amazing products. i’ve only tried two so far but i’m totally impressed and wanted to pass on the scoop to you!

the delicate wash is the item i was most excited to find, because it’s made for dry clean only clothes. i’ve washed quite a few items with this and everything has turned out great. there are instructions on the bottle so you feel comfortable with what you’re doing but the basic overview is you use the recommended amount in your machine’s delicate cycle and then lay flat to dry {that’s just my recommendation}.


the stain solution is the other product i’ve tried that works great. i was looking for something that was gentler than oxy clean but was still tough on stains. this works really well and a little goes a long way.

i washed one of my club monaco {dry clean only} sweaters using the delicate detergent earlier this week and it came out softer than before it went in and in beautiful condition.

both products above plus many more from their are sold at target and you can learn more about the laundress here. happy laundering!

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