valentine’s gifts {for your guy!}

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today i have a very special guest joining me to wrap up the valentine’s day gift guide series with ideas for your favorite guy. take it away, ken!

ahhh, valentine’s day. the day that strikes fear into the hearts of men across this great nation. it’s not that we dislike romance, we actually enjoy finding ways to let you know we care and that you’re on our mind (seriously, we do). what we don’t like is being told, ‘today is the day that you are expected to be very romantic.’ at our best we’re still a bunch of defiant 8 years olds stomping our feet and screaming, ‘i don’t want to do to that.’ with that in mind, i humbly request on behalf of men everywhere, be gentle on us.

okay, onto the fun. with two weeks left to go i’m sure you have already been thinking about some good gifts to buy. (that same thought will cross our mind in approximately 13 to 14 days). here are a few ideas for you.

1. get out of valentine’s day free card? okay, that’s probably against the rules in the same way that you cannot wish for more wishes. so let’s try this again.

1. bottle breacher. we love shark tank, where this was originally featured. it’s ammunition turned into a bottle opener. bottles need to be opened and this opens bottles. match made in heaven? you be the judge.

2. fallout4. for those gamers out there. what could possible say happy valentine’s day more than building settlements and fighting robots? take some time and think over the answer. hint: nothing.

3. universal remote. our little terror (love you annabelle) has gone through two of my touch screen remotes. “more” you say annabelle? no, no more. that has sent me on a search for a functional remote without the glowing touch screen that seemingly attracts 15 month olds much in the way that abc’s the bachelor attracts crazy women. bottom line, this remote is slick and comes with an app so you can use your smartphone to control the tv.

4. tommy john underwear. when i first got these i was so excited that i may or may not have embarrassed liz by talking up the design and function of the quick draw fly (actual name) during a party we were hosting. that poor girl, she’s a saint. maybe i should take this valentine’s day thing more seriously? note: the red pair featured in the image above will be available february 2! 

5. safety razor set
6. add on blades
7. shaving cream
using this razor the first time was like learning to shave all over again. i fondly recall exiting the bathroom with tissue in various spots on my face doing their best to contain numerous lacerations. however, after a week of practice i can tell you that grandpa had it right. those 8 blade disposables cannot compete with the single blade. added bonus, after the initial investment the replacement blades are cheap. i’m also a big fan of the truefitt & hill shaving cream.

8. chocolate covered bacon. instead of a box of chocolates  you can make homemade chocolate covered bacon. men are simple. bacon for dessert? yes, please.


p.s. gifts for littles, here and ladies, here.

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