What I bought in September

today i’m introducing a new series called what i bought. one of the things that i really appreciate about reading other blogs is when the authors are real. i am a real person, with a real budget {just ask ken}, and a real shopping addiction {again, ken}, and i work really hard to be able to feed said addiction. ken and i have a strategy where each month we each get a specific amount of spending money and it’s ours to spend, no questions asked. i call it an allowance but that’s probably not the best term for what it is. it just allows us to have a little freedom to buy things that the other might not appreciate {i’m looking at you playstation games} without having to justify it or really even know that it’s happening. although i haven’t quite figured out how to hide the multiple packages i get delivered each day!

so at the beginning of each month i’ll recap exactly what i bought the month prior. in addition to my allowance i might earn some extra spending money by shopping using ebates, selling something on ebay, or donating plasma {i kid, i kid} but in general it’s about the same amount each month. let me know if this is something you like seeing, or if you have other ideas for ways you’d like to see me keep it real!

  1. cupcakes and cashmere sweatshirt – a super cozy addition to my closet and although it retails for $95 i scored it for $14 on ebay!
  2. topshop print dress – i originally bought this with our family photos in mind but decided it was too busy with ken and annabelle’s outfits. i wore it to a rehearsal dinner instead.
  3. gray tank – i love the tie detail on the side.
  4. velvet swing dress – i ordered this when i was shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding and loved it so much i couldn’t return it. i’ve worn it twice now for date nights.
  5. madewell ciao tee – i had been admiring this tee for a while so i bought it asap when my september allowance came in.
  6. topshop wrap dress – i bought this the day before the wedding i was attending last month. it’s so pretty and feminine and i can’t wait to wear it again with a cardigan and tights this fall.
  7. colour pop cosmetics matte lip gloss in bumble and avenue – i discovered colour pop cosmetics a few months ago and have been faithful to their brow pencils but i wanted to try more of their products, especially since they’re super budget friendly. i really like how these go on like a gloss but dry matte and i love both colors for fall.
  8. colour pop cosmetics lipstick in poppin – a really fun bright pink with great coverage.
  9. colour pop cosmetics blush in quarters – i love this color for fall but i do wish the coverage was just a bit more. it would also make a great bronzer.
  10. colour pop cosmetics brow pencil in dope taupe – i ran out so i purchased two.
  11. sole society clutch – i have been wanting a leopard clutch for a while and for the price point this one has been a great option.
  12. gigi pip eve floppy hat – i don’t see my hat infatuation slowing down anytime soon. i love this brand and can’t wait to add more of their styles to my collection. especially loving their baseball caps.
  13. sole society cross body bag – i bought this during the nordstrom summer clearance even though it wasn’t on sale. it seemed like a classic style for a great price and i’ve been using it a lot on the weekends.


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  1. Thuy wrote:

    Haha, yes. Realness. Sometimes, though, I feel that people only feel that something is real when it’s presented as being imperfect or flawed. Sometimes real is also something good, something “perfect”. Your strategy with Ken is something that my boyfriend and I have theorized we would do in the future. Have a joint account to deal with the expenses we share together like mortgage, utilities etc. where we will contribute x % or x amount and then also keep x % or x amount for ourselves – for exactly the reason that you said. For buying things we want that the other may not appreciate. For me, it’s definitely clothes and everything wardrobe related. For him, electronics.


    Posted 10.6.16 Reply