10 creative ways to announce your pregnancy

Having recently announced a pregnancy to several thousand people I thought it would be fun to round up a few of the ideas that I thought were cute ways to share your exciting news.

1. Valentine’s Day

image via bethanymenzel.com

What a love-ly way to share your news, especially if you’re planning on announcing near Valentine’s Day!

2. Bump-to-be

image via pinterest.com

Every first time mama can’t wait for their bump to start showing – why wait to announce until you have one?

3. Simple and sweet

image via pinterest.com

I love the simplicity of this one. It would especially work for a winter announcement since it’s taken indoors.

4. All about the big sis (or bro)

image via pinterest.com

Outside of this little girl being the cutest ever – this would be an easy way to announce a second baby on the way. No professional photography needed!

5. Save the date

image via pinterest.com

If you’d rather all of the attention be on that sweet babe instead of you why not put together a simple flat lay to share the news?

6. Countdown to baby

I know it’s been done before but I still love sharing the news with balloons. If you’re expecting your first you could easily have you and your significant other be the 1 and 2!

7. Ready to move

image via pinterest.com

I hope I’m not the only one with a few hundred empty boxes lying around my house at all times.

8. Daddy’s day

image via pinterest.com

Another idea that takes the focus off of you but you could easily switch this up to mom holding the books too!

9. New year, new baby

image via garvinandco.com

I know the new year has passed but this is still one of my favorite announcements. If only we could have kept our news a secret for a few more weeks!

10. Winter wonderland

winter pregnancy announcement ideas

Speaking of our news, I’m particularly fond of our winter pregnancy announcement. If you’re not into the snow you could easily take a shot like this indoors. All you need is a tripod and some matching pajamas!

10 Creative Ways to Announce a Pregnancy