A Typical Day in My Life

I love a good peek into someone’s day. Routines are fascinating to me and I’m always surprised by how differently families operate when I chat with my girlfriends. We’re all in our mid-30’s with 2ish kids, how are we running…

How I Keep Our House Clean

This should probably be called How I Try to Keep Our House Clean but nevertheless, here we are. Made you click! 😉 In all honesty though, working from home has really changed the way I spend my time at home.…

Golden Girl

One thing I’ve gotten very into over the past few months is jackets. For me they’re just as much about accessorizing and adding to my look as they are for keeping me warm. And who doesn’t love a wardrobe item…

School Drop Off but Make it Fashion

One of the many things I love about one of my favorite brands, Buru is how fashionable they make functional clothing. I realize a flamingo…


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