the graduate ann arbor

A few weekends ago Ken and I were invited to stay at The Graduate Hotel in Ann Arbor. Never being one to turn down the opportunity for a night away I jumped at the chance and couldn’t wait to spend a little time in one of our favorite cities.

From the moment you walk in every detail is just more perfect than the next. The atmosphere is warm and inviting {despite experiencing what I call the coldest spring ever} and the staff eager and approachable. Our stay took me back to my college days in the very best way possible – even though I had to pass up any keg stands or tequila shots because of this darn bump.

Our room was quaint and cozy with even more thoughtful details around every corner. After we quickly freshened up we headed out to dinner at Knight’s Steakhouse and had the nicest meal. I actually have a funny story from our dinner. The tables are rather close together at Knight’s so we could easily hear the couple next to us when they were ordering dessert. The couple was in their mid-20’s and it seemed like they were on a date just like us. The girl ordered coffee and creme brulee and when it came time for her date to order he just wanted one thing, a tall glass of milk. I swear Ken and I still talk about how weird that was! After dinner we walked the few blocks back to The Graduate and watched whatever episode of Dateline was on that night. You know, normal couple stuff.

The next morning we grabbed a coffee in the lobby while we basked in the glow of having no where to be and no child to make breakfast for.

We walked with our coffee’s to Fred’s for ricotta toast and egg sandwiches. If you’re ever in Ann Arbor around breakfast or lunchtime Fred’s is the cutest spot for a healthy bite to eat. You instantly feel like you’re in California!

I was trying to take a cool blogging photo and totally ended up spilling coffee all over the floor. Oops!

Thanks so much to The Graduate Hotel for hosting us! We can’t wait to visit again soon.


  1. Caroline wrote:

    Where did your dress come from? I keep clicking on the picture but it just pops up the option to pin it to Pinterest. I love it!

    Posted 5.11.18
    • liz braga wrote:

      Oh no! Which dress, Caroline?

      Posted 5.11.18

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