How I Keep Our House Clean

This should probably be called How I Try to Keep Our House Clean but nevertheless, here we are. Made you click! 😉 In all honesty though, working from home has really changed the way I spend my time at home. For the past few months I’ve made an effort to stick to a weekly cleaning routine for the sake of my sanity – and I’m excited to share it with you today.

A few years ago I found myself googling ‘weekly cleaning routine’ over and over again. I finally stumbled on Clean Mama’s site, which is a wonderful resource if you’re looking for someone who is truly an expert when it comes to cleaning. While I’m not an expert per say, I am a pretty regular mom and wife who loves a clean house. Here’s a peek into the routine I follow to keep things neat and tidy over here.


I like to treat Monday as the day where I set myself up for a successful week. That starts with picking up any clutter than may have accumulated over the weekend and washing/changing our sheets. I also like to think about our meals for the week on Monday and write down anything I might need to add to our grocery list for the week.

Grocery shopping for me does not happen on a set day of the week. If I’m the one shopping I’ll typically try to go on a weekday morning, after I drop the girls off a school. Other times Ken will do a Costco run over the weekend or I’ll sneak out during Jojo’s naptime on Saturday or Sunday to grab groceries.


On Tuesday’s I bite the bullet and clean the bathrooms, all four of them. Bathrooms are definitely my least favorite thing to clean, but I’ve found a little trick to help me knock them out with the least amount of dread. I’ve timed how long it takes me to clean each bathroom so I know on Tuesday when I have a break in meetings or a pocket of time I can knock out one or two and wrap up the day feeling like a super hero.

Bathroom Cleaning Times

  • Powder Room: 5 minutes
  • Guest Bath: 13 minutes
  • Girls Bath: 8 minutes
  • Master Bath: 20 minutes

I almost never clean when my children are home. Obviously working from home affords me the ability to clean while they’re at school. When I was working from an office I’d often try to leverage the time between when Ken would take them to school and I would have to leave for work, which was typically just enough time to knock one daily task off of my list for the day.


On Wednesday’s, we dust. And by we, I mean me. I’m not sure what this says about me but I’m not a huge duster. I take Wednesday to wipe down high traffic surfaces in our house (coffee tables, our dining room table, night stands, etc.) and then I also wipe down our front door and a few mirrors that tend to collect little fingerprints (and paw prints) throughout the week.

One of my daily tasks is laundry. I used to be the type of person that did laundry once every week or two weeks, thinking if I did it all at once that would be easier. I was definitely wrong and I’m more than happy to admit that. How I manage our laundry is a post for another day but there are tons of resources and reasons why doing laundry everyday is really good for your overall well being and sanity if you live with more than zero people including yourself.


By Thursday I’m definitely losing steam and it’s also a busier meeting day for me at work. Thursday is the day that I vacuum. Our house is bigger than it needs to be and we have a rather large Golden Retriever so while vacuuming is one of the “easier” chores on my list it’s definitely not the quickest. One good way I’ve found to break this up is to try to vacuum our upstairs, take a break, and then if I have time I’ll do our main level. If I don’t have the time or energy to spare I’ll let the vacuuming task carry over to the following day.


Friday’s I typically have the least motivation when it comes to work (honestly everything should be able to wait until Monday at that point, right?) but the most motivation when it comes to cleaning. I love a clean house going into the weekend and the incentive of having a cleaning break for a couple days is enough to keep me going. On Friday I’ll finish up any vacuuming that I didn’t get to the day before and then do a quick mop of our hard surface floors. Lucky for me (insert heavy sarcasm) our floors are 100% wood or tile but typically I reserve the mopping only for our kitchen and bathrooms. I’ll do other rooms as needed but not usually on a weekly basis.

Saturday & Sunday

God took one day off but mama you worked hard all week so you take two! In all seriousness, there are many times where I have an extremely busy day (or week!) at work and just can’t get to my planned cleaning tasks. That is what the weekends are for! That and folding any laundry that I didn’t get to during the week. I try to clean as little as possible on the weekends because I truly want to enjoy myself and my time with the girls and Ken. After a long week of work, school, and maintaining the house it’s well deserved and I know Monday will be waiting for me soon enough.

Do you follow any sort of regular cleaning routine? I’d love to hear in the comments below!


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