our new routine

As you probably already know we use cloth diapers. We love cloth for many reasons and will continue to use them until Annabelle is potty trained as well as if we have another child. However since we moved in to our new {old} house we’ve had to make quite a few adjustments to our routine.

Our kitchen sink is a laundry tub, our refrigerator is in the garage and with everything else going on it’s been really difficult to maintain the wash routine that cloth diapers require. Luckily, we discovered Bambo Nature Diapers and they’ve been a wonderful alternative to cloth during this time of transition for our family.

Annabelle has worn disposable diapers at daycare since she was three months old so the product is not entirely new to us but we’ve always struggled to find the right brand. We’ve tried many different options from more mainstream brands like Huggies to something more specialized like Seventh Generation and Honest but nothing has compared to the quality of the Bambo Diapers.  They’re soft and sturdy, they keep her dry {even overnight!} and they don’t irritate her sensitive skin.

Hopefully we’ll have things in order soon so we can get back to our cloth routine but i’m so pleased to have found such a quality product for the times when cloth is just not an option!

Brought to you by Bambo Nature.



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