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our favorite overnight cloth diaper with bambino mio on allweareblog.com

One of the biggest reasons we made the decision to use cloth diapers with Annabelle was because cloth diapers are made of natural fibers {like cotton} and are much more gentle than disposable diapers. But because there are no harmful chemicals involved they’re just not as absorbent as disposable diapers. Typically this is fine for during the day – we make it a rule to not go longer than 2 hours without changing Annabelle’s diaper. But at night there’s a little bit more work required to keep her dry.

our favorite overnight cloth diaper with bambino mio on allweareblog.com

I’d say overnight wetness didn’t become an issue for us until Annabelle was about 9 months old. Up until that point her bladder wasn’t big enough to cause a leak or she wasn’t sleeping in long enough stretches for it to matter. But once she started sleeping 10-12 hours/night {praise the lord} and drinking a healthy portion of milk before bedtime, things got soggy. We tried a few solutions including liners, doublers and different fabric options {like bamboo} but nothing seemed to work consistently. Some days she would wake up dry but most mornings her pj’s and sometimes even her sheet and blanket were soaked.

our favorite overnight cloth diaper with bambino mio on allweareblog.com

I came across Bambino Mio on Instagram and was initially drawn to their really cute prints. After doing a little bit of additional research I found that their Misolo all-in-one-nappy {they’re a British company, love that they’re called nappies!} was recommended for overnight use. Based on our experience up until that point I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try a new brand but I didn’t have much confidence that an all-in-one diaper would provide the level of absorbency we were searching for. Luckily, they proved me wrong and we have consistently had dry nights for the last couple months!

our favorite overnight cloth diaper with bambino mio on allweareblog.com

Even though we’ve started talking about starting potty training soon I think we’ll still be using overnight diapers for quite some time. I’m so thrilled to have found these diapers for Annabelle and any other Braga babies that may come along {not yet! thanks for asking}. As you can see we have the bumble print and also the touco penguin print. With so many cute options to choose from I have a feeling we’ll add a few more to our stash soon!



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  1. Susannah wrote:

    Those diapers are so cute and that’s AWESOME that they last all night! We’re thinking about doing cloth diapers with any future kids so I’ll remember this brand!

    Posted 7.27.16 Reply
    • liz braga wrote:

      Absolutely! They’re the best I’ve found for overnight, hands down! If you have any questions about cloth diapering you know where to find me! xo

      Posted 8.8.16 Reply
  2. Thats awesome Ill gave to order some, we had the same isses at night. Thanks

    Posted 8.5.16 Reply