eyebrows on fleek for under $10

ok so, i don’t actually know what ‘on fleek’ means but i like saying it and it seemed appropriate for today’s post.

i love when people share their one thing they never leave the house without, makeup wise. lots of people say mascara. i think concealer is a pretty popular answer too. for me it always has been and always will be, eyebrows. now obviously i can’t go anywhere without my eyebrows because they’re attached to my face. but my naked, unaltered eyebrows never see the light of day. they’re pretty bad and i’ll spare you any photographic details but they look a million times better with a little love. for years i’ve searched for the right product fit. i’ve tried shadows, pencils, gels, and more. i’ve tried expensive brands and drugstore brands. i’ve thought about microblading but it’s too permanent and ken would never go for it. so the bottom line is, i’m an eyebrow expert and i’ve found two really reasonable products that are super effective and since they don’t break the bank you won’t feel bad about filling in your eyebrows all the time!

step one

colourpop eyebrow pencil ok so this is the holy grail. it’s a $5 eyebrow pencil that goes on really easily, is thin so it looks super natural, and stays put all day. i ordered three colors because they’re $5 and i wasn’t sure – blondie, dope taupe and bangin’ brunette. i’ve been using dope taupe most but have thought about layering them on a really crazy thursday night. i’ve been using this for about a month and have no idea when i’ll run out but the size seems generous so i’ll keep you posted.

step two 

e.l.f. clear brow & lash mascara i first found this waiting in line at old navy but they also sell it at target and lots of other places. it’s $2 and i use both ends on my eyebrows because i haven’t used clear mascara on my eyelashes since junior high. it goes on lightly and never gets flaky even if i get some on my skin. one tube lasts me about 2-3 weeks. 


so now that i went on for way too long about my eyebrows, what’s the one thing you can’t leave the house without putting on your pretty face?