how i’m transitioning to fall

have you started shopping fall clothes yet? i’m always hesitant because i’m the type of person that likes to wear something new as soon as i buy it. so in the case of the summer to fall transition, i try to buy pieces that can be layered so i can wear them now {when it’s sweltering hot} and later {when it’s chilly and i can finally put tights on}. plus fall is my favorite season so it’s hard to resist getting swept up in the excitement of fall fashion!

when i went to chicago a few weeks ago with my girlfriends we made it a priority to hit up the forever 21 on michigan avenue. it’s definitely the best i’ve been to and i always walk out with at least a few new things that i’m in love with. when i saw this knit dress and then saw the $11 price tag it seemed like a pretty done deal. luckily it fit {you never know with forever 21 sizing} and i can’t wait to wear it with tights and a jacket come fall.

a hat is another great piece that you can wear now and into the fall. i got the one that i’m wearing here from the nordstrom sale but even the regular price is very reasonable. my favorite thing about it is that it’s adjustable so if you have a small head like me you can make it smaller. perfect for windy fall days!

i’d also like to chat for just a minute about my new diaper bag. it’s by anne york and i’m not sure i could love it any more than i do. you can see it’s a bit deeper than most diaper bags but that also means it’s a lot more slender, which is great. i don’t feel like i’m carrying around a huge duffle bag. it’s also really basic looking on the outside but super functional on the inside. each bag comes with this silicone insert which helps me stay organized, something i’ve really struggled with for the last two years if you can believe it. plus the insert comes out and is washable, so you can use it in other bags and clean it whenever it inevitably gets gross. i chose the black everyday tote but there are two other really classic colors so it was a difficult decision. thank you anne for designing such a lovely bag that moms want to carry!

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  1. Thuy wrote:

    I also need to wear clothes I buy right away lmao so I agree with finding layerable items now to transition into Fall.

    Posted 8.16.16

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