i scream, you scream

another successful summer weekend is in the books and this one ended with ice cream out of a fire truck so really, how do you even top that?

saturday we rode our bikes to birmingham and i got to use my new bike basket for the first time! when we got home annabelle had the most exciting package waiting for her – nana and papa got her a wagon! if you’ve spent any time with annabelle around a wagon you know her love runs true. well now she has a shiny, red wagon of her very own and despite the sweltering temps we did take it for a quick spin around the block before we all melted. sunday we had a birthday party for annabelle’s friend cole and while it was the usual first birthday party fun the real treat was when an actual firetruck rolled up and inside of it was ICE CREAM. well, it was custard which in my opinion is even better but come on. is that not the neatest thing you’ve ever heard of? cole’s parents really set the bar high for all future birthday parties. thanks, guys!

here are a few photos our very talented photographer {ken} snapped, if you’d like to see.


have a wonderful monday, friends!


  1. Thuy wrote:

    Love the photo of her in the tunnel 🙂


    Posted 7.25.16
  2. Susannah wrote:

    What an ideal way to end the weekend! <3

    Posted 7.26.16
    • liz braga wrote:

      Hi Susannah! Yes, ice cream is a good way to end {or start} anything really! xo, Liz

      Posted 9.12.16

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