My Kids Favorite (super easy!) Breakfast

On the first day of school last year Annabelle walked downstairs, dressed in her uniform, a bundle of nerves to start first grade at a *new* school (in a new state, no less) and stated, I’d like a fancy breakfast, please. If you know Annabelle this is so her. She lives for a celebratory moment and a fancy meal. Needing to think fast and being zero percent prepared I pulled together what I had on hand and it has become my kids very favorite breakfast. No need to grab a pen and paper for the ingredients, mama. I’m sure you already have everything you need to knock your kids socks off for any reason, even if it’s just a Tuesday morning. Don’t forget to serve it with orange juice in a fancy cocktail glass. They love that!

Annabelle’s Fancy Pancakes

  • 4-5 mini pancakes (I use this brand that I find in the freezer section at Target or Publix, but any brand will do)
  • Whipped cream
  • Sprinkles
  • Optional: Fruit for topping (we like any kind of berry)