i’m feeling blue

Ok, I have a couple things to cover off on today. Let’s get started, shall we?

First of all, I’m not actually feeling blue. To be honest, I’m feeling really happy and productive lately. Leave it to the third trimester of pregnancy to surprise you sometimes. I am really feeling blue for spring though. Especially when it’s paired with a floral like this dress. So fresh and pretty.

Second, I cannot get enough of sneakers paired with dresses. I feel like I’ve been embracing this trend for a few years {you can see more here and here} but I’ve never been more all in on something. It might just become my signature look.

And last {but not least}, I’ve obviously known that I’m getting bigger but I seriously had no idea just how big I was until I saw these pictures. You guys, I look like I might just give birth on the street just like Charlotte in the Sex in the City movie. Is anyone else as concerned as I am that I have 9 {hopefully less!} weeks to go? So I guess in sticking with the theme, I’m feeling huge.