The 90’s Called (and I answered)

What do this blog and ’90’s fashion have in common? They’re both back, baby! I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve given a side eye to ’90’s trends coming back more than a few times as of late but as with most things, I’ve started to come around and let me tell you nothing feels as good as revisiting items that make you nostalgic for the past.

similar dress here and here | ZARA backpack (also love this style) | J.Crew boots | 70mm hoops

While I realize it’s a bit awkward for most of you to see so much skin in January, I’m embracing my new life as a Floridian and let me tell you wearing any more clothes than this most days would leave a lady extra sweaty. To recreate in a colder climate just add tights and a cute coat. Voila!

As I’ve started to acclimate to my new town I’ve prioritized finding all of the important landmarks like Target, Nordstrom, and ZARA. I picked up this cute quilted backpack (sold out in black but available in green and red here and similar here) recently and it truly makes me feel like the cool mom I aspire to be.

Have you embraced any trends from the ’90’s? I’d love to hear in the comments below!