Josephine is TWO!

This weekend we celebrated our sweet second gal’s second birthday! She is an absolute joy and the day could not have been more perfect.

Jojo has turned into quite the little lady in the past month leading up to her birthday. She’s much more vocal, stringing along 3-4 words consistently and is really able to get her point across when she wants to. We have a few weeks of potty training under our belts and she’s caught on pretty quickly. She has a lot of feelings and opinions about it but I think things are finally starting to click. She is obsessed with princesses, something that her older sister completely enables. She can usually be found wearing a fancy nightgown or princess costume, and luckily she got several for her birthday. She loves animals and really has zero fear when it comes to approaching any sort of creature big or small.

She has a heart of gold and the biggest, cheesiest smile. With each stage that passes I find myself excited to continue to get to know her personality and watch her turn into a big kid. She never wants to stray very far from her big sister and if she catches wind that you’re leaving the house without her she very loudly requests that she “go too.”

We sure do love you, Jojo and we are so glad you are ours!