my hair strategy

as a follow up to yesterday’s post, i wanted to share a little bit more about my hair “strategy.” i realize this is going to seem a bit involved and unnecessary for some, but maybe it will help provide a little additional context around how i get ready {even with a baby and a job to get to most mornings}.

here’s my typical schedule:

day 1: wash hair, rough blowdry and then typically run the flat iron through it. if i curl it i’m going to use a large barrel like this one, and just do a really quick two minute run through to smooth the frizz. this day takes the longest since i’m washing my hair, plus drying it, so i just know to plan my morning accordingly. if ken is travelling or i know it’s going to be a busy morning i’ll do this at night.

day 2: skip hair washing. if i wore it straight on day 1 then i’ll curl it with a large barrel curling iron today. if i curled it on day 1, i’ll probably use a slightly smaller curling iron. i find the dirtier my hair gets the smaller the barrel i want to use.

day 3: skip hair washing again. are you seeing the time savings yet? this is typically the day i’ll do my 1-inch wand curls. and i’ll also use a little dry shampoo. this is a good one too.

day 4: this is the last day in the cycle. skip hair washing and put my hair in a ponytail. if i wore hats i might consider one at this point, but typically i don’t so it just goes up!

day 5. wash my hair and start over at day 1.

i like this strategy for a couple reasons. first, i know what to expect everyday. i don’t have to think about it, i just follow my routine. second, i’m only washing my hair every few days which for me is a huge time savings. i can curl my hair much faster than i can wash it and dry it and for my particular hair type as my hair gets dirtier it looks better curled than straight. and my hair looks different everyday so people have the perception that i spend more time on it than i actually do.

going a few days between washing your hair is definitely something you need to adjust to, but i encourage you to try it if you’re currently a daily or every-other-day washer. and if you have any tips for extending the time between washing {other than dry shampoo} please share!