My Current Skincare Routine (and why I love it)

A lot of you have been asking about my skincare routine lately… JUST KIDDING, no one asked. However I am still very excited to share a few products that I have been absolutely loving and highlight a brand that has become a staple in both my medicine cabinet and my Instagram feed. Even though I fully believe 38 is the new 28, despite how young and fresh I feel (ha, ya right!) the wheels of time keep turning and I’d pay a small fortune to keep this face looking dewy. Luckily everything I’m about to share fits into Mr. Braga’s budget which is saying a lot.

The Products

I found Agent Nateur when Helena from Brooklyn Blonde shared that she was using their holi(mane) collagen to help support hair growth. I ordered my first bag of holi(mane) in August, 2021 and haven’t gone a day without it since. It has truly changed my hair, skin, and nails from the inside out and all by using one little scoop in my coffee each morning. Jena Covello, the founder of Agent Nateur encourages daily use of holi(mane) for three months to see the full effectiveness and having just hit that mark myself I can say that my hair is growing faster and is thicker than it has been in years. Prior to starting holi(mane) my hair was thin, my part was becoming larger and more noticeable, and I was shedding like crazy. Now when I wash or brush my hair I barely notice any hair coming out at all. It’s incredible. I also have noticed that my nails are stronger and growing longer than they typically do without breaking.

After about a month of using holi(mane) I started shopping for more Agent Nateur products and can honestly say I love each one more than the last. My next purchase was Agent Nateur’s flagship product, the holi(stick) deodorant. I personally use the u n i ( s e x ) N5 deodorant which smells like sandalwood and works better than any natural deodorant I have tried. I’ve already repurchased it three times.

Finally moving on to my face, my current daily routine includes Agent Nateur’s h o l i ( t r i n i t y ) in the morning after cleansing with this drug store cleanser and then I apply SPF. I recently tried the ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint which I am honestly not loving (but too cheap to stop using it). On days where I don’t need or want more coverage I use my tried and true Tula SPF. Agent Nateur’s h o l i ( g l o w ) ageless eye serum is my newest purchase after running out of my holy grail eye serum and I can’t wait to see how it compares. The bar could not be higher because the ZO Skin Growth Factor Eye Serum completely got rid of my crows feet and fine lines around my eyes. However, I love that the h o l i ( g l o w ) ageless eye serum can also be used as a highlighter both under and over makeup, see how glowy it is?

In the evening I always double cleanse, first with the Collen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm followed by the Agent Nateur a c i d ( w a s h ) lactic acid skin brightening cleanser. Then I use a couple pumps of the Agent Nateur h o l i ( w a t e r ) and alternate between a retinol (I like this one but will likely get a prescription retinol when I run out) and the Agent Nateur h o l i ( b r i g h t ) which can be used as a mask or an overnight treatment. Occasionally I use the Agent Nateur h o l i ( o i l ) face serum or don’t use any products after cleansing and just let my skin breathe and rest overnight.

The Tools

Now while no one is blowing up my DM’s (is that what the kids say?) about my skincare routine I do get quite a few questions every time I post a creepy selfie wearing my Boost LED Mask from The Light Salon. I’m not really one to invest in skincare tools, especially ones that cost $500, but after Courtney Grow shared her personal experience with the LED Mask along with so many rave reviews from her followers curiosity got the best of me. It does occasionally go on sale and I would definitely wait for one (because I rarely pay full price for anything) and I’ve found that Blue Mercury has the best deals. Now as far as my personal results, I do feel like the mask has improved my skins overall tone and texture. The lines around my mouth seem diminished and my skin feels more plump (in a good way). I’ve also heard it helps your skincare products work better which I can’t exactly vouch for but I’m going to trust the experts here. Plus the 10-minute sessions are relaxing and Ken never tires of cracking jokes when I’m wearing it. Endless entertainment.

The Best Part (for me)

At the time I purchased holi(mane) I also started following Jena Covello on Instagram. I was curious to see if she shared reviews of holi(mane) from customers but I found so much more. Jena is brilliant and truly pours everything she has into her brand and developing the most effective products with the very finest (and most natural) ingredients. She’s also an outspoken conservative business owner who is never, ever afraid to share her views and be true to who she is and what she believes in. While our politics align, the fact that she isn’t afraid of cancel culture or having an unpopular opinion (that’s actually more popular than most people realize) is what’s most inspiring and encouraging to me.

The Wrap Up

If you made it this far I promise I’m going to wrap it up. My skin is important to me but the businesses I support are equally important so the fact that those two things align is tremendously exciting. Now more that ever we have to find ways to support the people and products that make a difference in our lives and my commitment to you is that I will never stray from that mindset here. I also want to mention that I totally, 100%, get Botox every 4-6 months because a serum and an LED mask can only get you so far and in my experience Botox gets you the rest of the way. If you’re in the Tampa or Detroit areas and are looking for an injector please message me or leave a comment below because I know *the best* in both cities!