my skincare routine

i’m definitely not a skincare expert, but i love a good routine and beauty is no exception. today i’m sharing some of the products i use daily.
my skincare routine on
each morning i use this cleanser. it’s very smooth and feels hydrating, and removes any leftover makeup from the night before. next i use this toner to remove any lingering residue. it smells great and for a toner is not overly drying. i just started using this firming complex, which i apply before i moisturize. it seems light and non greasy, and hopefully it helps reduce wrinkles! i follow up with eye cream and moisturizer. the eye cream is thick and really moisturizing and the face cream is light but very hydrating. it works amazingly well under my makeup and i since i’ve started using it i never get oily or dry throughout the day. if i’m planning on wearing a bright lipstick, i’ll quickly exfoliate my lips with this which is easy and not messy. twice a week i’ll use this to exfoliate my face.


my skincare routine on
my nighttime routine isn’t much different. typically i use cleansing wipes because they seem easier than washing my face with water. lately i’ve been using these because they had them at costco but they didn’t rate great on the skin deep app so as soon as i’m out {which may be never because, costco} i’m going to try one of these. after cleansing i use the radiance firming complex again and then apply this face oil which i great for nighttime. it’s moisturizing but not oily and does not clog your pores. it also looks pretty on my bathroom counter.  i finish up with eye cream and lip salve and jump in bed.

do you have any skincare products you love? anything i should add to my routine?

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  1. Thuy wrote:

    I find skincare routines so overwhelming. I’m like…WHAT do I DO?! I don’t usually wear makeup but when I do I use makeup wipes by Neutrogena (I think…) at night then cleanse with GlamGlow and finish with a Vitamin C serum (to die for! so smooth and fresh skin!) and moisturizer.

    I am also a religious user of lip balm with aloe. Maybe I should think about that lip salve and eyecream for overnight?

    Posted 2.22.16
    • liz braga wrote:

      hey thuy! i know, it can be totally overwhelming! you should totally buy the eye cream. i think it’s a great preventative thing you can do!

      Posted 2.23.16

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