Pregnancy Update | 34 weeks

Nothing makes you feel more like a mother than being 34 weeks pregnant on Mother’s Day, take it from me! We had a busy but fun weekend celebrating all of the special moms in our life which mostly revolved around food but is there any other way to celebrate? I hope you had a great Mother’s Day as well, whether you were being celebrated or celebrating someone else. Excited to check another week off this pregnancy journey, one week closer to meeting our sweet babe!

How far along are you? 34 weeks, 2 days
So that makes your due date? June 24th!
How much weight have you gained? I weigh 154 lbs. which is a 33 lb. weight gain overall. I think I’ve mentioned it previously but I was hoping to only gain 35 lbs. this pregnancy… unless things drastically slow down or this baby comes sooner than expected it seems like I’m probably going to be a bit over that goal. Oh well, yolo.
Any cravings? I have eaten a lot of desserts the past few days. This poor babe has been on a sugar high since last Friday. My craving for meat has also come back in a big way and I know protein is really important in the third trimester so that’s convenient. Also, iced coffee but that might just be the weather.
What about symptoms? My back is still driving me nuts. If I’m sitting or in the same position for too long I just cannot get comfortable. Also, when this baby kicks me or moves around it’s starting to hurt. I suppose that’s due to it having almost no more room. I feel you, babe.
Will you find out the gender? We are not finding out the gender but gosh I want to know right now what it is! The other night Ken and I went on a date and when I was in the restroom the attendant who was in there with me looked at me, told me she had 7 kids and 15 grand kids and said, it’s a boy. She seemed really sure so who am I to argue with that?
Do you have names picked out? Ok, I think we do have names again! I thought we did, and then we wavered a bit, but on that same date night where it was proclaimed that Annabelle is getting a brother I think we finalized names. I’m still not super, super sold on the girls name but it seems like we won’t have to worry about that anyway so…
Are you wearing maternity clothes? I’m just wearing anything that fits. Maternity, non-maternity, robes are preferred and pajamas are great. I may need to fashion a dress out of a sheet at some point before this pregnancy is over. Does anyone know how to sew? 😉
Any purchases for the baby this week? Yes! The nursery is so close! I bought this mirror to hang above the crib and a couple baskets to put on top of the dresser for diaper changing lotions and potions. Ken surprised me with a new diaper bag for Mother’s Day and I could not love it more!