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We’ve been playing a bit of bedroom musical chairs around here as we prepare for the new baby. The nursery is going to be in Annabelle’s room from when we first moved in, which turned into her playroom when we set up her big girl room. With the baby moving in we decided to move her playroom to an otherwise empty room that was basically storing a bunch of my closet overflow and other random items. It felt so good to get that cleaned out and turn it into a fun space for our sweet girl and one that her and her future sibling will share for years to come! Here’s a peek at some of my favorite areas of the room, if you’d like to see…

bright and fun toddler playroom ideas

It was important to me that we incorporate seating for the adults in this room. We didn’t have a ton of space to work with {what with all the toys, go figure} but this cute settee was the perfect size and neutral color for what we needed.

I wanted to incorporate a few fun decorations but also wanted to keep it gender neutral since we’re not sure who will be sharing this playroom with Annabelle. The shelf, prints, and frames are from IKEA and the cute llama, wolf, and felt garland are from Target.

I also tried to group the toys in a way that made sense for the flow of how Annabelle plays. This little corner is her home section, for her kitchen, vacuum and cleaning supplies!

Her teepee alongside all of her books creates the coziest nook for her to read, one of her favorite things to do!

And yes, that is a computer monitor. We use it to play YouTube videos for a special reward from time to time. The bookcase is from IKEA and the wall decals are from The Lovely Wall Co.

I replaced all of the random baskets we had been storing toys in with these deep bins from Target, they’re super spacious and durable!

It’s so nice to have a space that we both love spending time in! We definitely spend more time in this room than in Annabelle’s bedroom so I’m thrilled to have made it exactly what we wanted. I’m sure it will change and grow in the years to come but for right now it feels like a great place to continue making memories!

Annabelle and I are both wearing dresses from Envie de Fraise {mine, hers}.


  1. Nicole wrote:

    The enthusiasm on Annabelle’s face in those pictures is priceless!!

    Posted 5.14.18
    • liz braga wrote:

      It totally is! I guess when you’re used to having your picture taken in boring places the playroom is a welcome change! 😉

      Posted 5.15.18

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