pumped up kicks {the best golden goose dupes}

If you follow any other bloggers or fashion influencers you are probably familiar with Golden Goose sneakers. They’re super popular right now – definitely a trendier look and they’re very pricey at about $500/pair. I mean honestly, who is spending that kind of money on sneakers?

Being the ever frugal fashionista that I am a few months I found myself going down the google rabbit hole of trying to find a decent dupe for these blingy sneaks. In the depths of the internet {actually I think it was from a boutique in Florida during a Black Friday sale} I found a pair by Dolce Vita that fulfilled every desire for the Golden Goose’s {geese?} that I was pining over but for under $100. Sold! Unfortunately, my exact pair have since sold out {they’re called the Dolce Vita Z Glitter Sneaker if you can find a pair on Poshmark or eBay} but I’ve found quite a few similar options to share with you today!

Dolce Vita Zune Sneaker | The Best Golden Goose Dupes

The Dolce Vita Zune Sneaker. Probably the closest pair to mine and the most GG like too! $69

The Dolce Vita Zeze. G Low-Top Sneaker. Another really similar style to mine and the GG’s, just a tad more blingy. $70

I love this High Top Dolce Vita Natty Sneaker. They come in blush too! $125

Dolce Vita Zoom Lace-Up Sneakers. $59

The stars on this Dolce Vita Z. Star Leather Sneaker are very similar to a lot of the Golden Goose styles. $79


Dolce Vita StarlaGlitter Leather Sneakers. $59

What do you think? Would you invest in a pair of Golden Goose sneakers or would the more affordable versions make you just as happy? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Shein coat c/o, ASOS blouse {non-maternity here}, ASOS denim {sold out, similar here and non-maternity here}, H&M handbag, Dolce Vita Z Glitter Sneakers {sold out, similar here}

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