what’s in my hospital bag

You guys, I’m having a baby in less than three weeks. We are literally days away from meeting this sweet babe and I’m feeling all the feels! Up until 37 weeks I was feeling very anxious to get this pregnancy over with but as the days fly by I actually wouldn’t mind things slowing down just a bit. It’s exciting and totally nerve wracking to have no idea when it’s going to happen – which is why it’s so important to pack your bags, ladies! I honestly don’t even remember what was in my hospital bag with Annabelle but I’m sure I didn’t use half of it. So here goes round two, do you want to see what I packed?

What’s in my hospital bag, for me

You’ll need a few essentials but what I learned after having Annabelle is that for the most part you’re going to use what the hospital gives you. Which is great, less to pack and less to schlep back home!

What I packed

  • A robe. While I spent most of my time in the hospital with Annabelle in a hospital gown, I was thankful to have my robe for when we had visitors. I imagine if I had not have been in so much pain when we checked in I might have worn it laboring as well.
  • A dress to wear home. Since it will be warm I’d much rather be in a dress than pants. Plus this one is nursing friendly and will fit over the bump I’ll still have.
  • Slides. These will be perfect to wear to the hospital, wear around while I’m there, and wear home.
  • A nursing bra. While I probably won’t wear it in the hospital {I won’t wear any bra at all, yolo} I’ll definitely need a nursing bra for the ride home. I just got this one and it’s so super comfortable!
  • Nipple butter. The breastfeeding struggle is real and you’ll probably want this right away.
  • A camera. We’re bringing our professional camera as well, but I thought this would be fun too {especially for Annabelle}.
  • Hair & makeup. I certainly won’t go over the top but a new mama wants to look put together! I have a hair brush, a curling wand, dry shampoo, an eyebrow pencil, blush, and lip gloss.
  • Skincare. You’ll definitely want to freshen up after giving birth. The hospital should have soap but I need just a few more items. I packed face wash, moisturizer, and face spray.
  • Deodorant 
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Phone charger 
  • Camera charger 
  • Wallet with photo ID, insurance card, and the name and phone number of your pediatrician. You might want to give all of this to your significant other if you don’t think you’ll feel like filling out paperwork when you get to the hospital {you won’t}.
  • A few copies of my birth letter

What I didn’t pack

  • A nightgown. Wearing the hospital gown is perfectly fine and comfortable and you’ll be happy to not ruin something nice.
  • A towel. A few people have suggested bringing your own towel for your first postpartum shower because the ones at the hospital are notoriously small {which they are}. I’d rather deal with a small towel than one I have to pack and then bring home and wash.
  • Underwear. Two words: mesh undies. Wear them, love them, and steal as many as you can when you leave. I did buy these to have on hand at home.
  • A breast pump. If you need one, the hospital will have one for you!
  • Perineal spray. The hospital should have Dermoplast or another type of pain relieving spray but I picked up this Earth Mama perineal spray for at-home, along with this and these.

What’s in my hospital bag, for baby

Just like for you, the hospital has nearly everything you’ll need for baby too! Of course you’ll want a few things for your sweet new bundle.

What I packed

  • Swaddle blankets. The hospital will have those cute blue and pink striped blankets but I like bringing a few from home too. I packed a couple gender neutral options plus one for a boy and one for a girl.
  • Coming home outfit. Bring something cute but comfortable for baby to wear on their first car seat ride home.
  • Boppy nursing pillow. With Annabelle, the lactation consultant wanted me to grasp a few nursing holds before going home so she didn’t let me use a nursing pillow. However, it was great for visitors! Some people don’t feel entirely comfortable holding a newborn so this was perfect for a little extra support.
  • A carseat. We’re using Annabelle’s since it’s still in great condition.

What I didn’t pack

  • Diapers, wipes, or anything changing related. You’ll need enough of that when you get home, no need to bring any of it with you! P.S. did you know we use cloth diapers?
  • More than one outfit. You won’t need clothes for baby while you’re in the hospital, just one cute outfit to wear home!
  • A stroller. You’ll get wheeled out of the hospital and your significant other should have the car waiting. So unless you’ll be walking home I say you don’t need it.

What else?

You’ll want your significant other to pack a bag too. Ken hasn’t done that yet so I didn’t include it here but they should bring a couple days worth of comfortable clothes, a camera {if they have one}, any necessary chargers {phone, camera, watch, etc.}, plus their own toiletries.

Since a few of the things I’m packing I still use on a daily basis I have a note on my phone with what I’ll have to grab last minute. Wherever possible I’ve tried to pack a second version of something {like a toothbrush} so I don’t forget. On that note, don’t worry about forgetting something! Chances are whatever it is you won’t need anyway, or a friend/family member could grab it for you.

Here is the link to my hospital bag. It’s the perfect size for a weekend getaway {whether you’re going on a romantic trip or to birth your baby}. I’ll be packing the baby’s things in this diaper bag. The robe I’m wearing is from PinkBlush. It would be perfect for the hospital!

What do you think mamas? If you’ve packed a hospital bag I’d love to hear if there’s anything important that I’ve left out of mine – help a mama out!