pregnancy update | 37 weeks

Here we are friends, nearly 38 weeks {this update is a few days late}, one week away from when I delivered Annabelle, and about 2 days away from the time I might start waving the white flag for this pregnancy. Shall we say I’m ready to be done? If you’re interested in hearing more about my pregnancy this week, read on!

How far along are you? 37 weeks, 4 days
So that makes your due date? June 24th!
How much weight have you gained? I’ve been at 157 lbs. for the last few weeks, which is a 36 lb. weight gain overall. I was hoping to gain no more than 35 lbs. so unless things get crazy in the next couple weeks I should be right around there.
Any cravings? I still mostly exist on carbs whenever possible. Lot’s of oatmeal, pastries, cookies, and cereal happening over here. Did anyone eat Toaster Strudel as a kid? Ya, totally bought those last week. Send help.
What about symptoms? If you’ve never been 9 months pregnant I’ll try to spare you some of the details but let’s just say the wheels are falling off. I’m pretty exhausted which may or may not be related to the insomnia I’m experiencing. I’m still pretty comfortable sleeping {thank the good lord} but when I wake up to use the bathroom I have trouble falling back to sleep, sometimes for hours. Let’s just say there has been quite an influx of middle of the night Amazon purchases at our house. Other than that, I’m having a lot more pressure in my pelvis which is to be expected at this point but makes it hard to sit and I’m not even going to talk about the hemorrhoids {help}.
Will you find out the gender? Unless someone spoils it at the end, we won’t know if we’re having a boy or a girl until Ken tells me when the baby is born!
Do you have names picked out? I think we’re the closest we’ve been at having names finalized during this pregnancy so I will take it!
Are you wearing maternity clothes? Pretty much exclusively. Yep. Definitely.
Any purchases for the baby this week? I’ve bought a few stroller attachments to convert our stroller from a single to a double. Other than that I think we’re good until this babe shows up!

I’ve worn this dress out a few times recently for dinner with friends and date night and it’s the perfect mix of cute, sexy, and comfortable. If you’re feeling self conscious about your body during pregnancy {or any time, really} show your shoulders, girl. It’s an instant mood booster and makes you feel insanely confident.

Just like my midwife says at my appointment each week, maybe I’ll see you back here next week and maybe I won’t! xo