2016, here we go

i’ve never been big on resolutions. sure, i might promise to eat better, work out more, stress less and spend more wisely. but typically by january 5th i’ve failed on all counts. i’m not saying 2016 will be different but since i have this whole blog on the internet thing i figured i would write these down {and share them with you!} so that at the very least we can all look back on them in 360ish days and have a good laugh.

  1. blog! i have so much to share with you so this is maybe my most exciting {and aggressive} goal for the year. while my ideas may be plenty my time and energy is not so i’m hopeful that i can post as much as i want to and create great content that inspires and informs.
  2. stunning photography. while ken is the guy behind the lens i help with a lot of the creative and logistical responsibilities. 2015 was really just the launch of all we are photography. in 2016 my hope is that we can work with many more of you and take many more {beautiful} photos!
  3. less. no, i haven’t read the life-changing magic of tidying up {yet!}. but as referenced here i’m usually happier when i have less, not more. i hope to apply this mentality to multiple aspects of my life in the new year. not only things in my house {organize all the drawers!} and my closet {donate all the clothes!} but in my head too. less stress {which for a busy mom means more planning ahead}. disconnecting when i can {less instagram!}. and overall less pressure {and more fun!}.

can you believe another year has passed? what are your resolutions {or hopes} for 2016?

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