My Intentions for a New Year

I think we can all agree that 2021 was a bit of a whirlwind. For us especially, the year was full of change and uncertainty and I’m looking forward to more stability in the new year. As I sit, drinking my second mimosa before dry January starts tomorrow, I wanted to share a few intentions that I’m putting out into the universe for this new year. I’d love to hear the things you’re looking to do or focus on in 2022 in the comments below.

Make New Friends (but keep the old)

Being in a new city means putting ourselves out there to meet new friends. We haven’t done a great job of this the past six months and it’s the thing I’m focusing on most this year because I think it’s going to have the greatest impact on us feeling settled here in Tampa. We love our friends in Michigan and we miss them dearly. The girls have done such a great job of meeting friends at school, but we haven’t exactly put ourselves out there to meet adult friends of our own. Luckily I’ve found a few likeminded moms at Annabelle’s school that I really, really enjoy and they have made me feel so welcomed but since we haven’t made it a priority we haven’t really established a group. Yet! I’ve made a note to write a future post about how to make friends in a new city so as soon as we do, you’ll know!

Find a New Church

Interestingly enough, this likely would have been something we would have been looking to do in Detroit or Tampa, as we just weren’t vibing with our church back home and we have yet to attend a church service here. January 2nd we’ll be at the Baptist Church near our house for their Sunday service and take it from there depending on how we feel. Hopefully finding a church will also open us up to making new friends, but connecting in a meaningful way to God on a weekly basis will certainly be enough.

Stay Active

2020 might have been the laziest year of my life, so when 2021 kicked off I happily started a consistent diet and exercise routine, for about three months. When April hit and Ken’s interview process picked up, along with the stress of relocating, I fell off the wagon and didn’t get back on until October. For the last two months I’ve been very diligent about moving everyday, strength training at least a couple days a week, and tracking my calories. The weather here makes it so easy to get outside and move every day and when bathing suit season is year round it just hits different.

Read the Bible (again)

Three years ago I only had one resolution heading into the new year, read the Bible. Yep, the whole dang thing. My dad had done it in his youth and it was something I admired so much and thought was basically inconceivable. Until I did it. Luckily the modern age affords us apps and audiobooks and I’ve since followed along with two great programs – Bible in One Year (which has an app and a guided audio version) and Biblein365 lead by Erica Kirk (Charlie Kirks wife) which sends you a daily text and/or email (at the time of your choosing!) so you can read that days passages or follow along in your bible at home. I’ll be doing it again this year and I’d love for you to join me!


Whether it’s through my corporate job, the blog, or a combination, money is on my mind. I’ve felt such a fire in my belly lately to create, break through ceilings and achieve. I feel so powerful heading into this year and I hope I can use this drive to help my family, my community, and all of you to prosper. Do you feel it too?

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