All Dressed Up and No Where to Go

How I'm adapting my personal style to fit within my new daily routine.

My Mini-Resolutions for 2020

Throughout my adult life I've gone back and forth between making grand resolutions for a new year and making none at all. Usually any resolutions I did make were related to diet and/or exercise and ultimately fell flat when real life got in the way.

My Top 19 Purchases of 2019

Lately I've been feeling like at 36 I've finally hit my stride in terms of finding my personal style as well as honing in on the brands and products that really click for me.

Hello 2020!

Ahhhhh it's a new year and it feels GOOD! Actually it feels mostly the same but I love any excuse to start fresh. And speaking of starting fresh, I'm using this new decade as a fresh start for the blog.

Fall Feels

Guess who's finally feeling ready for fall?! After what felt like the longest summer ever {and to be honest it still kind of feels like summer around here most days, minus the pool, plus school}, the Braga's are feeling ready for f-a-l-l ya'll.

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