annabelle, 20 months

i had a realization the other day that annabelle is finally starting to feel less like a baby and more like an actual person. i don’t want to be one of those parents that tries to be ‘friends’ with their kid{s} but i thought to myself wow, i actually like hanging out with this little lady! she’s talking more and ceratinly has more opinions about things and is just the light of every day for us! here are a few things i want to remember.

  • she basically speaks in rolling observations all day long. when i go into her room in the morning she says, ‘mama, fan on’, ‘daddy sleeping’ ‘annabelle coughing’, ‘no poop’. when i walk into her classroom the first thing she says to me everyday is ‘mama shoes’ as she points to my shoes. followed by ‘daddy home’, ‘mama car’, and then she says bye to everyone repeatedly for the next 10 minutes until we get home. ‘buh bye, gabin’, ‘buh bye, lena’.
  • she continues to be the messiest eater ever. no meal is complete until annabelle has smeared her food all over the table, thrown a good amount on the ground and then made sure it’s in her hair and on every article of clothing we’re both wearing. the most amazing part is i really don’t even realize it’s happening until it’s already done.
  • up until a few weeks ago her favorite fruit was raspberries but they’ve since been overshadowed by bluberries {boobies}, grapes {gapes} and tomatoes {tatos}.
  • we are still using disposable diapers. i know, get it together.
  • she can count to ten {sometimes 13} and sing most of her ABC’s. she can also recite most of the wheels on the bus {alllll through town} and twinkle, twinkle, little star.
  • she still dislikes most toys but is obsessed with her cozy coupe, the park, riding bikes and coloring.
  • she still cries almost every time we put her to bed {either for a nap or for the night} but sleeps a good 10-12 hours at night and 2 hours for her nap. it would be great if she could consistently sleep in until 7am but i’ll take what i can get {for now}.
  • we had a scary moment a couple weeks ago when we were eating dinner and annabelle broke out in a rash with hives and swollen lips. after a quick process of elimination and then some further testing we found out she has a sesame seed + tree nut allergy just like her dad. we’re stocked with epi pens and lists of foods to avoid so i’m actually feeling pretty calm about it but it was a terribleĀ situation!

p.s. annabelle two months ago


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