annabelle, 23 months

well, this is it. the last month i’ll be able to refer to my baby in months. i just don’t think i can get behind 25, 26, 27 months, etc. nope, after this update she’ll be 2 years old. terrible two’s. a toddler. yeesh.

the good news is she’s basically the coolest person i know. the bad news? she’s not my baby anymore. she’s really not. 23 months going on 23 years is about accurate. i haven’t decided if i’m going to continue documenting her monthly musings here on the blog. it is a good way to remember each stage of her life and hopefully helps you guys understand her personality a little more. but for now, here’s what’s new with our big girl this month.

  • her feet stink! i don’t know if it’s wearing socks without shoes or puberty 😉 but girl can clear out a room!
  • she’s way smarter than i could have ever imagined and i’m not sure i can even take any credit for it. she learns so much at school, tonight she started reciting the months – in order! it makes my decision to continue to work and send her school full time seem like the right one.
  • she has started giving us real hugs where she wraps her little arms around us and squeezes and she likes to tell us if it’s big or small.
  • she loves to sing. her current favorite songs include this and this.
  • she’s debating between being bat girl, sophia the first, or a birthday {her idea} for halloween. i want her to be this.
  • speaking of birthdays, when i asked her what kind of cake she wanted she told me green. it is her favorite color.

can’t wait to celebrate the big t-w-o with you next month baby girl!


p.s. annabelle last month



  1. Thuy wrote:

    I love that one of her favourite songs to sing is Paramore. That’s wicked lmao.

    Posted 9.14.16

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