go fly a kite

I have never been more in love with our little city than I was last weekend. We went to the first annual Detroit Kite Festival on Belle Isle on Sunday. It was a sunny day and just windy enough near the river to help the kites get off the ground. They had kites that you could borrow and buy, and even had a spot to make your own kite {that someone got bored with pretty easily so ours was mostly made by mama}.

You probably don’t know this about Ken but he loves flying kites. A few weeks ago on my Instagram stories I posted his long awaited success at getting a princess kite of Annabelle’s high up in the air, only to get caught in a tree in our front yard. This time I tried my hand at kite aviation and was mildly successful. At the very least it was fun to run around and watch all of the other kites in the air!

There were SO MANY KITES and all different skill levels flying them. From synchronized kite fliers to kids and toddlers, it was just a magical day!

After we had our fill of kites and picnicking we walked around Belle Isle a bit and then continued our Sunday adventure downtown.

I had been wanting to try the Detroit Water Ice Factory all summer and it was the only thing that sounded good after a sweaty few hours of flying kites in the hot sun.

They had a million flavors and combinations to choose from. I asked the employees what the best flavor was and they responded immediately and unanimously, strawberry lemonade! It was super delicious and tasted just like its namesake.

Annabelle got the zetterberry swedish fish flavor and might have been a little disappointed that it didn’t contain actual swedish fish but still devoured it just the same. Ken got pineapple, if you were dying to know. 😉

As we were sitting eating our ice treats I had a moment where I thought, I can’t believe this is Detroit. There were tons of people out and about, a crowd waiting for the QLine, and we had just come from one of the most fun things we’ve done all summer. The revival is happening, ya’ll and I couldn’t be more proud!

Have you been to Detroit recently {or ever}? I’d love to hear!

On Liz:
Anthropologie top, Joe’s Jeans the Ozzie shorts {wearing a 27}, Forever21 slide sandals $15, JADEtribe {I got mine from SHE in Bloomfield but found it online here}

On Annabelle:
Boden dress {on sale!} and shoes, Pippa & Indy bows



  1. Hello! I recently discovered you on Instagram and love your glimpse into Detroit! Funny enough that city has had me saying for a few years, “You watch, it’s gonna be the next hip city!” I keep seeing stories about all the start-ups moving there- seems like a fun place to be! NO, have never been- but definitely want to see it some day! Thanks for sharing your adventures!

    Posted 7.5.18

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