Three Ways to Wear a Shorts Suit

Checking in from day I seriously lost count of this new normal situation we’re in. Hi! While other people are stocking up on athleisure and comfortable working from home attire for the long haul I’m ignoring my all too harsh reality and styling this too perfect for words shorts suit from J.Crew THREE WAYS!

1. The Traditional Way

I love nothing more than a coordinated outfit. Not only is incredibly easy to style {what’s easier than picking out two things that match?}, it’s incredibly chic. I’ve been known to take a fashion risk or two before but let me ask you, where couldn’t you wear this? Brunch? Check. Quick run to the mall? Sure. Sporting event? Hahahaha, those obviously aren’t happening. Perfect!

2. The Working From Home Way

You know what’s great about working from home? Nothing. There, I said it. 😉 But seriously, while I have been dressing a bit more on the casual side I do still like to keep it business casual most days. Since I’m literally working from my bedroom I need something to shift my mindset from home life to work life when the clock strikes 9am. You know what’s great at doing that? A lady jacket. Ok fine, any blazer or jacket will work but I’m particularly fond of this one. Actually this one too, while we’re on the subject. As far as what you wear on the bottom, truly anything goes. Just make sure to wear something or you could end up as one of those Zoom fail memes.

The Date Night Way

You know what Ken likes about my wardrobe? Not much. 😉 But he does like my legs, so I’ve found that what I’m wearing doesn’t matter so much as what I’m exposing. That sounds dirty but I promise it’s not. I actually love dressing up shorts and this outfit is the perfect summer date night look. It says I’m super classy but also very trendy. I’m a cool mom, if you will. It would be equally cute styled with flats too, if that’s more your style!

I have to know, which look is your favorite? 1, 2, or 3? Tell me in the comments below! xo