eggs and bunnies

We went to our first Easter egg hunt last weekend and let me tell you, it was a hit! As the parent of a toddler you never really know how something new is going to go over. Usually when we plan something fun as a family it goes pretty well and everyone leaves happy and I’m thrilled to say making a mad dash for candy filled eggs in 40 degree weather was one of them. Can you sense her anticipation?!

This girl, it’s like she was born to pick up plastic eggs.

There were actually way more kids here than you can see in the photos. Ken did a great job of snapping a bunch just as the egg hunt started because within about 30 seconds this grass was covered with children. The event was sponsored by our city and the church was was so generous – there were egg hunts for different age groups, snacks and hot chocolate, bounce houses, and even a petting zoo. Sadly we forgot to get a picture with the llama. Next year.

I will say I was a little disappointed at what was inside of the eggs. When we got home and opened them up most of them had a {wrapped} lifesaver inside. Annabelle participated in the egg hunt for 0-3 year olds so I was surprised to find a choking hazard inside. Which got me thinking – am I one of those over bearing mothers that doesn’t let her toddler have a lifesaver? Please tell me I’m not wrong here. At what age can kids start eating hard candies like that? Help!

Shop our looks:

I feel like if I wasn’t wearing the bunny ears I might be a dead ringer for an equally pregnant Kate Middleton in my fieldcoat and wellies. No?

Even with a little snow still on the ground it felt great to get outside. In a couple months this park will be back to the green spot that we know and love. Isn’t nature amazing?

I have to tell you about these sunnies. I have been finding so many designer inspired sunglasses on Amazon lately – it’s definitely my new thing. I’ve only had them for a couple weeks but they’ve held up really well and would you believe they’re only $10?!

What are your plans for Easter? Annabelle is singing at church and then we’re going to brunch with Ken’s family. Today I told Annabelle we were going to brunch and she asked, “Mama, brunch? What is brunch?” and I said, “Oh, brunch is where you can eat breakfast or lunch. So you can eat pancakes OR a sandwich.” Her response? “Oh mama, that’s sounds delicious!” That’s my girl!