happy easter!

Earlier this week I was thinking about the meaning of Easter and how we've been talking with Annabelle about it. One thing we've stressed is that while Christmas, and the birth of our savior, is important - Easter is the real deal. There's so much pomp and circumstance leading up to Christmas and it feels like Easter gets just a bit more than overshadowed. I've really been enjoying Christian music lately so I thought it would be fun to put together a playlist of a few of my favorite songs to really get into the Easter spirit.

eggs and bunnies

We went to our first Easter egg hunt last weekend and let me tell you, it was a hit! As the parent of a toddler you never really know how something new is going to go over. Usually when we plan something fun as a family it goes pretty well and everyone leaves happy and I'm thrilled to say making a mad dash for candy filled eggs in 40 degree weather was one of them.

our thanksgiving table

I love our dining room for many reasons but one of my favorite things about it is that I can really take advantage of decorating it for the holidays. Because it’s a separate room that doesn’t get used that often I can set up a tablescape days {or even weeks!} in advance and admire it from the other rooms in our house that we do use {like the kitchen}.

happy halloween!

Happy Halloween, friends! I for one feel like we've been celebrating this holiday for quite some time, from work parties, to school trunk-or-treat, to neighborhood events, and finally the main event tonight! So far we've been Moana and Cinderella. I think we have one more princess in our pocket for tonight's festivities, I'm excited for you to see! 

our fall bucket list

I know it's technically been fall for a couple weeks now but it's just starting to feel like it around here. I started to bring out our Halloween decor over the weekend and there are so many crunchy leaves on the ground during our evening walks. I wanted to put together a little bucket list of a few fun things we're looking forward to this season.

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