Everything I Bought from the Atlantic-Pacific x Halogen Spring Collection

I don’t remember when exactly it happened, but a few years ago I fell head-over-heels in love with blogger Blair Eadie and her over the top style. Since that time she has released a few exclusive collaborations with Nordstrom that have all been exactly what I’ve needed in my literal and figurative life/wardrobe at the time. Today she debuted her first {and only!} warm weather collection and as if there could be any question, Blair has done it again. I thought it would be fun to share everything I ordered this morning, and I’ll be sure to check back in and share the looks that I put together once everything comes in!

A few tips based on previous collections!

  • If you love something, buy it quickly! You can always return it but when things sell out they don’t restock. Sure, you might come across it on Poshmark some day, but I’m not usually willing to take that risk.
  • I’d say most items run true to size but if it’s a more billowy silhouette I typically size down. Shoes also run a bit small, I size up 1/2 size in all closed toe shoes.
  • Despite the bright colors Blair’s collections are incredibly versatile and in my opinion, timeless. Since she doesn’t design for current trends, even though some of the styles are a bit bold as long as you feel like they’re true to your style I think they’ll be pieces you’ll have for years to come.

**It’s important to note that while I ordered a lot I’ll likely only end up keeping a few pieces. Luckily Nordstrom is amazing with returns!

x Atlantic-Pacific Three Quarter Sleeve Sweater

This was the first piece I saw when Blair announced her new collection and I knew if I got one piece it would be this adorable rainbow sweater. When I saw the pink and red colorway I of course wanted to try it as well, it’s such a classic combo for me.

x Atlantic-Pacific Floret Full Skirt

Blair is known for her love of tulle and I have a few very gorgeous tulle skirts from her previous collection. I love how this one is a shorter length, I envision wearing it with the rainbow sweater above and a pair of tennis shoes!

x Atlantic-Pacific Stripe Tiered Organza Dress

Gosh I have incredibly high hopes for this dress. I love the pastel rainbow tones and how chic it is. Do I have anywhere to wear it considering the current state of social affairs? No. Will that stop me from wearing it around my backyard? Probably not.

x Atlantic-Pacific Floret Tiered A-Line Dress

Another all dressed up and no where to go dress option, but I had to see this one in person. It seems like such a classic silhouette that I can wear for years but I can also see it being a bit too over the top for me to justify the price tag.

x Atlantic-Pacific Neon Tweed Blazer

I’ll admit this was a risk, even for me. However, if it works it’s going to be so good. In my head I’ve paired it with a white tee and monochromatic white denim and tennis shoes. Fingers crossed.

x Atlantic-Pacific Sheer Floral Bow Midi Dress

Blairs now famous bow style dress is a favorite around here. It even made the list of my top purchases from last year. If the spring version hits it out of the park as I suspect it will it just might end up being my favorite version of the dress yet.

x Atlantic-Pacific Dot Tulle Top

I told you Blair had a thing for tulle! This top is another spring version of a fall piece, which was one of the first items to sell out when her cold weather collection debuted last fall. I loved it then and I love it now. I can’t wait to see this one in person!

x Atlantic-Pacific Stripe Utility Shirt

Despite this being the same pattern as the long sleeve dress above, I live for a button down. I don’t think I’ll keep both the dress and the shirt but still holding out hope that this is as cute as it looks on my screen.

x Atlantic-Pacific Theodora Platform Sneaker

When I was coming up with my game plan of what to buy prior to the collection launching I told myself that I didn’t need any sneakers but if I wanted to buy one pair I should choose the pink. I must have blacked out while shopping because oops! all three ended up in my cart. I’m actually hoping they’re not as great as they appear because it’s going to be very hard for me to send any number of them back.

x Atlantic-Pacific Rattan Buckle Belt

The only accessory I ordered from the collection, this rattan belt is what summer dreams are made of. I’ve already identified at least 5 dresses in my closet that I could pair this belt with and I’m actually saving them until I can wear them with the belt when it arrives. Crazy? Yes. Yes, I am. I have several belts from Blair’s previous collections and they really are that good.






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