spring style


Everything I Bought from the Atlantic-Pacific x Halogen Spring Collection

Blair Eadie's latest collection for Nordstrom.

retro vibes

Last week a package showed up on my porch {which happens basically daily but stick with me here} that I wasn't expecting.

pregnancy update | 37 weeks

Here we are friends, nearly 38 weeks {this update is a few days late}, one week away from when I delivered Annabelle and about 2 days away from the time I might start waving the white flag for this pregnancy. Shall we say I'm ready to be done?

walking on sunshine

There are few things that are more important to a lady in her ninth month of pregnancy than comfortable footwear. Coincidentally, new moms are also quite tickled by cute shoes that are also sensible - I guess it's sort of like how not sleeping towards the end of pregnancy is supposed to prepare you for what's to come.

a bump friendly date night dress

Dressing for date night can be particularity hard when you're pregnant. I usually get pretty excited to put on a cute outfit and spend some time with my guy but the challenge of dressing the bump while still feeling sexy {and comfortable} is definitely real.

spring chic

Springtime in Michigan has this magical quality about it. Even though I've been feeling particularly heavy lately {literally, not really figuratively} the sunshine and breezy temperature has a way to instantly transform my mood.

my thoughts on mother’s day

I was laying in bed last night {with both babies, because Annabelle fell asleep in our bed and the other one is never too far from me if you know what I mean} and I thought to myself, I can't believe God has made me a mama - TWICE! And then I instantly felt a little sad for all of the women who are struggling with their motherhood journey.

white this way

There's just something so classic and simple about a white dress. It's always a chic look and in the case of this one since it's non-maternity it works for every stage of motherhood. Especially for that awkward postpartum phase when you don't want to wear anything too tight fitting. 

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