happy halloween!

Happy Halloween, friends! I for one feel like we’ve been celebrating this holiday for quite some time, from work parties, to school trunk-or-treat, to neighborhood events, and finally the main event tonight! So far we’ve been Moana and Cinderella. I think we have one more princess in our pocket for tonight’s festivities, I’m excited for you to see!

Last night we carved pumpkins with Annabelle for the first time. She was so excited to start a new tradition, I love her passion for the holidays. She reminds me so much of myself in that way!

I got Annabelle started on her pint sized pumpkin and then went to work on our giant version. Ken suggested we try cutting the hole at the bottom and it was totally a success. The large hole was easier to scoop the seeds out of and it was much easier to place the candle on a flat surface and then set the pumpkin on top.

This is when I realized I probably don’t have the best knife skills for cutting a huge gourd. But no one was hurt while carving pumpkins!

I wasn’t sure how Annabelle would like the process of scooping out the pumpkin guts but she loved it! She was meticulous and wanted to get every seed out. Again, just like her crazy mama!

It is actually sort of gross, but it was fun making a mess. Annabelle kept asking, “it’s ok if I get my skeleton pajamas dirty, right? You’ll just wash them?” Of course I appreciated her concern but yes – the messier the better on Halloween eve!

Ken was up to the challenge of carving Belle and the Beast into our big pumpkin and I think it turned out great! Annabelle was extra impressed.

And so proud!

How are you spending your Halloween? We’re going trick-or-treating with Annabelle’s friends. It’s pretty chilly here but that’s the fun of Halloween, getting all bundled and running around with your friends. Hope you have a great night!