Hello 2020!

Ahhhhh it’s a new year and it feels GOOD! Actually it feels mostly the same but I love any excuse to start fresh. And speaking of starting fresh, I’m using this new decade as a fresh start for the blog.

This blog was born out of a passion for sharing my life with others. For years I connected with blogs as a way to peek into how other people live. I’ve always been fascinated with other peoples fashion choices, routines, decor, hopes, dreams, secrets 😉 Instead of negatively comparing myself to others more often than not I’m left feeling less alone, or more inspired. I’d love to connect with you in that way. Even though we might not be friends in real life I want it to feel that way. My hope for this blog is that it’s something you look forward to reading as much as I look forward to spending time sharing. I want you to find our content relateable because we are just like you. And I want everything we do to be helpful or applicable to something you’re going through (or might go through).

So here’s to you. Thank you for finding me and spending your time here. I truly appreciate this community more than I could ever put into words and throughout this year and heck this decade, I’m going to make sure you feel that love.

xo, Liz